Teens Sew Cool

Teens Sew Cool is a sewing program for teens and preteens with a goal of giving them skills for the future.  We have a Federal 501 (C) (3) charitable organization designation.

Our Mission Statement:

The object of Teens Sew Cool is to teach the art of sewing to young people with the goals of giving them a sense of self esteem, pride of accomplishment and skills for future use in family and possible income production.

We are a 501 (C) (3)  charitable organization that teaches sewing to students who may not be able to attend classes in the fabric stores and the quilt shops.  Many of them are from single parent homes or financially strapped families. At times, we are the only "one-on-one" interfacing these students will have, and we attempt to teach them and encourage their academic, behavioral and teamwork skills while they are learning how to sew.

Teens Sew Cool holds nine weekly sessions during the fall and spring at each of the above locations, as well as a shorter summer programs in various locations in the area. During each of the sessions students are taught sewing basics, and apply them to make various projects, such as pillows, pillowcases, stuffed animals, quillows, bean bag chairs, tote and cargo bags, raggedy quilts, wallets, PJs and robes, and a host of other items.

In addition to sewing for their own use or as gifts for their family members, each session also includes a community project for the students to sew. These community projects have included lap quilts for the Veterans Hospital, and "Cool" ties for the military in Iraq. Their current project is the completion of approximately 20 more lap quilts.

A testament from a Sargent in Iraq:

My name is SSG Robert J. Smith and I received some cool ties from your kids. I want to send a big THANK YOU and PLEASE make sure you let them know how much the service members and myself enjoyed them. They came in handy especially when we’re on missions in 140 degree temps riding in up armor humvees. Inside the vehicles can get 20 degrees hotter than outside, the metal is so hot you can burn your hands. The ties made our bodies feel cooler and also let us know that we had people back in the states that appreciated what we were doing. I liked it because I know you all are teaching the kids something they can use when they are older, also teaching them something other than video games. Thank you again. It really meant a lot. I am at the end of my tour and will be home by mid January. Keep up the good work.

SSG Smith"